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what sets you apart from other makeup artists?

Not only am I a trained makeup artist in the fields of beauty and special effects, I am also a Licensed Esthetician. When I apply makeup to my clients, I am caring for their skin at the same time. I have the knowledge to find and use products that do not contain harmful ingredients. I teach my clients what they can do to better care for their skin so they can achieve the most flawless results from their makeup. Unlike many other makeup artists, I believe that makeup should enhance a woman’s or man’s features and not cover them. I want my client’s beautiful and unique features to be noticed, not their makeup. I am also trained in eyebrow shaping and consider brow shaping to be a specialty of mine.

what is your day rate for film projects?

This can vary depending on the amount of time and type of work involved. Please contact me for a quote.

will you work for only a kit fee?

Unfortunately, I am not able to work only for kit fees at this time. If you are doing a low budget project, please don’t hesitate to contact me, however, as we may be able to work something out, or I can recommend another makeup artist.

are you available to provide additional makeup artists?

Of course! I have an excellent team of makeup artists I work with. This can often come in handy if there are many people who need makeup applications in a short amount of time.

what products do you use?

First and Foremost, I use my own line,Liz Marie Beauty. I have chosen the products in my line for the amazing results I am able to achieve with them, the high quality of ingredients and the affordability of the products for my clients. I also use a variety of other brands, and of course, always share that information with my clients. I have done lots of research and trial and error to find the best products.

what are your favorite products?

One of my favorite products is Kiss Me mascara from BLINC, for its anti-smudge and durability properties. It can last through tears, yet is easy to remove, leaving no “raccoon eye” effect. I especially love it for Brides. The other is Liz Marie Beauty concealer. It provides amazing coverage and can last all day.

what is your favorite part of being a makeup artist?

My favorite part of being a makeup artist is being able to positively impact the lives of women. I love nothing better than getting a call from a client after a makeup lesson or application telling me how much better she feels and that she is getting more compliments than she has in years.

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